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Welcome to Yun Reading

30 Mar 2014

Welcome to Yun Reading 云读, a cross-platform cloud ebook reader.

Born in the year 2011, Yun Reading is pioneering in digital publishing. Yun Reading is based on HTML5 technology, which works on iphone,ipad,android,and major browsers, i.e.,Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9+, etc.

Key features includes:

  1. Reading history syncronization between different devices.
  2. Keep the ebook and read it offline

The whole system includes three sub modules.

We decide to open source Yun Reading cloud ebook reader system due to the fact that we do not have the intention to make it a commercial product.

You can quickly start your Yun Reading journey by reading the following simple guidelines.

1. If you are using a mobile device, please add this app to your home screen for quick access
2. Select a book you want to read, and then login using your Facebook or RenRen account. If it doesn't show the content you intended to see, please try to login use the same account again.
3. You can keep any books in your own library and quickly access your library to read your books.
4. Yun Reading will help you remember your reading history, bookmarks and settings. You will enjoy the same reading experience regardless of what device you choose.
5. You can share the book with your friends while reading.
6. If you're reading on the browser of your mobile device, you can keep the book to your device and read the book even when you are offline.
7. Swipe to see the next page. If you are reading using your laptop or desktop, you can press the next button or the page flipping tag.

Let's read in the cloud!